Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Zealand: 3 Weeks!

I have an app on my phone called "Countdown" that has all the important and/or exciting dates we have coming up, and it is probably my most frequently used app on my phone! I check this app every morning when I first wake up (I know, that's ridiculous). I have a countdown (or three!) for our upcoming trip to New Zealand, and I love it every morning when I check the time left to our big trip and there's so little time left!

We still have so much to decide on, plan, and book! So far, we have our plane tickets and a reservation to go diving in the reef. And yep, that's it. We're planning to leave a fair number of days wide open in case our plans change slightly and we decide to stay in a city for an extra day or anything like that. But still, we have a lot of work left to do! We still need to at least find hotels, a rental car, and some more activities to fill up our 2 weeks there, even if we don't make the reservations beforehand.

This trip is the second part of the travel plans on our "Baby Bucket List" (Alaska was the first part). This list is different than the Bucket List on this blog, it's a more concise, travel-centric list of places we want to visit before we settle down and start our family! We feel that getting these experiences out of the way now while we have the time and money is important for us and feeling "ready".

And the coolest part is that we're going to get to tell our kids about all these cool experiences we've had! (Crossing our fingers that they will think they're as cool as we do!)

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