Bucket List

1) Go to Alaska (Read More... June 2010)
2) Catch a fly ball at a Baseball game
3) Become certified SCUBA divers (October 2010)
4) Be on a game show
5) Throw a huge party
6) Zorb in New Zealand (what is Zorbing?) (Read More... March 2011 - Rotorua, New Zealand)
7) See the ball drop live at Times Square for New Year's Eve
8) Go to the Olympics
9) Ride in a hot air balloon
10) Skydive (Read More... March 2011 - Lake Taupo, New Zealand)
11) See the Pyramids
12) Climb a mountain (June 2010 - Cathedral Mtn, Alaska)
13) Go to the Super Bowl
14) See at least one game of the World Series
15) See Machu Picchu
16) Go on an African safari
17) Experience downtown city living (2009-2010, Saint Louis)
18) Dive the Great Barrier Reef (Read More... February 2011)
19) Go to the airport and board a plane with no preconceived ideas of where it will be going (idea borrowed from Location 180)
20) Donate to an important cause (a large sum)
21) Go into space on Virgin Galactic (also from Location 180)
22) See Patagonia
23) Go to Antarctica
24) Own a home, free and clear
25) Cage dive with sharks


  1. I love your list. I, too, have always wanted to go Zorbing (not to mention, visit NZ and Australia).

    I think #19 might be a bit tough with all the post-9/11 flying restrictions, but if you figure out a way, let me know cos I'd love to do this too! (I like to do this with buses in strange cities, it's my favorite way to explore.)

    #23 is definitely on my bucket list. In fact, I'd like to take a sabbatical someday and live there for 6 months.

  2. You've zorbed in NZ!! Did you see the cave of blue glowing worms while you were there??

  3. Kevin,
    Your High school project on New Zealand was probably our biggest inspiration for going there. Well, at least its what made us start to look into NZ. so... thanks :)

  4. Awesome bucket list!



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