Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Zealand, Part II

New Zealand is often billed as the "adventure capital of the world". This being the case, we decided that we should take the opportunity to try out some more thrilling activities. Although I couldn't convince Heather to try Bungee jumping (which has origins in NZ) I did manage to get her excited to go sky diving.

We drove up to the a small airfield to inquire about making arrangements and within an hour we were on a plane headed up to 15,000 ft.

New Zealand - Sky Diving from Aaron Wimmer on Vimeo.

We loved it. After we landed I jokingly asked heather is she was ready to go up again, she seriously responded, "ok, let's do it". We didn't go up again that day, but after we got back to the states I started researching sky diving more in depth. I was amazed by what I found. I guess I shouldn't be suprized that there is always someone who is taking things one step further. The next step in sky diving is "wing suits"

These are pretty much flying squirrel suits that allow you to glide at very high speeds (while still plummeting towards earth). These suits also allow base jumpers to maneuver away from cliff faces or to hug the tree line as they glide over mountaintops.

I found a quote that went something like "Normal people think Sky divers are crazy, Sky divers think Base jumpers are crazy, Base jumpers think these guys are crazy." My mind has been blown.... (see below)

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

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