Friday, March 11, 2011

House: Ready to Throw in the Towel!

Remember when I excitedly posted about the great house we found? Well, after an agonizing two-month wait, we finally just heard back from the seller's bank, and we did not get it. Apparently, they won't approve anything unless the sellers cover the remaining balance on the mortgage, i.e. "we're forcing this one to go into foreclosure". Bummer.

I am just so very ready to finally settle down in a place, that is ours. And plant a real vegetable garden. And play music without the worry that the guy living below us will be annoyed that I'm playing the same 3 songs on repeat for 8 hours. And mow the lawn. And paint rooms. And give my dog the leash-less freedoms that come with a fenced in yard! And meet our neighbors. And finally unpack, for real this time.

Ok, whining over. Resting in El Shaddai, "the all-sufficient One", and moving on.

We're seeing more places on Saturday. And we've got 3 more months left on our apartment lease, so there's still time. (And, we could go month-to-month on our lease after that, if we need to....)

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  1. FYI - the difference between our offer and the balance on the mortgage (what the bank expects the sellers to cover) is $80,000!! Ridiculous!


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