Monday, July 18, 2011


Two Fridays ago, Aaron & I got a letter in the mail from our bank that said they had been notified that our home insurance had been canceled (and we had so many days to replace the coverage, etc). Neither of us had intentionally canceled the coverage, so this was news to us. Great, add that to the constantly-growing list of things to do. But the insurance company's office does not open again til Monday morning, guess we'll have to wait.

Fast forward to 7am Monday morning of last week.

As many of you probably experienced, there was a big storm that tore through Wisconsin & Illinois early last week. Trees were uprooted, power lines were down, counties declared emergencies, etc. Close to 1 million people lost power in the Chicago area alone.

Aaron and I were still sleeping when we heard it. CRACK! Followed by CRASH! Both of us leaped out of bed and started running around, "Where did that come from? What was it? Did it hit the house?"

A very large, very heavy branch of a tree in our front yard had fallen toward the house. Ahem, our currently-UNINSURED house. Somehow though, it did not actually fall ON the house. The very tip of the last branch is actually just-touching the siding of the house.

How lucky could we be that this storm wreaks havoc on the greater Milwaukee/Chicago area, our home insurance is temporarily up in the air (Murphy's Law, anyone?), and the worst that happens is one segment of our fence has to be put back together?

Very lucky.


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