Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Big Apple

This month, Aaron and I traveled to the East Coast for a family gathering with the Abts' (my mom's side). My cousin Sarah's graduation party was happening near Springfield, Massachusetts, and a handful of the family in WI headed out there to celebrate with her!

While we were out there, we took a 2-day trip to New York City! It was fantastic! Aaron had never been, so we made sure that we hit up as many of the big attractions as we could: Times Square, Rockafeller Center, Empire State Building (from the street only), Central Park, 9/11 memorial site, Statue of Liberty (from Battery Park only), NYSE & Wall Street, and Grand Central Station.

And that was only the first 48 hours of the trip :) After that, we all headed over to MA to spend the rest of the time together, playing Mafia (our family's favorite game), celebrating birthdays (I turned 24 AND Sarah and my uncle Ron had birthdays too), exploring western MA, and partying it up :) It was a great time!

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