Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July

This weekend was the 4th of July celebration in Saint Louis, and there was a ton of cool stuff going on right by our apartment. First, there was an airshow over the river, and we had the absolute BEST SEATS for the show. We watched the show from the roof of our apartment! While we were soaking in the pool! Is that not the best way to enjoy something like that on a hot, sunny day? I definitely thought so :)

Later after we finished soaking, we went down to check the festival, parade, and eat some fantastic-tasting food. And that night, we met up with Andrew and Bethany Arkills to catch a concert on the riverfront and the fireworks!

And the best part: at the end of the long day, we didn't have to walk miles back to our car, then fight traffic all the way home. We walked about 3 blocks back to our apartment, rode the elevator to the 18th floor, and plopped on our bed. Love it.

I absolutely have loved living downtown because of stuff like this. I will definitely miss this city.

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