Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garbage Challenge Strategies

Alright, we're in our second month of what we've been calling "The Garbage Challenge", and we're starting to put to use some of the strategies that will (fingers crossed) help us reduce our total waste.

1) Get paperless statements.
2) Use rags instead of paper towels. My paper towel usage is quite embarrassing.
3) Pay attention to packaging.
4) Reuse produce bags.
5) COMPOST. We will post again on this later once we are moved into our house and using an actual outdoor composter. We're still trying to decide what kind of composter is best...

In the interim, we are just using a small bin with a tight lid to hold our food scraps.
6) Eat more whole foods. Including foods we will grow in our own backyard this summer! (hopefully)

We also want to find a way to opt-out of junk mailings, since they make up about 50% of the mail we get and they always go straight to the trash. Haven't figured this out yet though.

And here are some things we already do:

1) Reusable grocery bags.
2) Never buy bottled water. And if we have to, we refill them as many times as we can before recycling them.
3) Save and reuse gift bags/tissue paper.
4) Recycling. I hate to admit it, but I was once a non-recycler.

So, that's the plan! We'll see soon if it's actually working.


  1. Our house has an outdoor composter already... I have no clue how it works or how to use it effectively though. If you have any tips, let me know! I'd love to use it, especially since it's already there.

  2. Let me know when you figure out how to opt out of junk mail! SUCH a waste!!!

  3. i think you should have to weigh your human waste too, since it can't really be used for anything helpful.

  4. I did a report in college about waste and I actually figured out the volume of trash we waste to how many african elephants that would equate to and based on an african elephants average length, how far that would span — it was something like... some timespan of trash making is equal to lining up an african elephant tail to trunk from earth to the moon and back... eight times! (or something equally ridiculous).

    Anyhoo—you have my approval and support in waste reduction!

    PS miss you guys and I dig the house... you'll have to have us over sometime.


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