Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Great Find

We went rummaging, auctioning, and goodwilling this weekend for things to put in our new house (that we close on in 3 weeks!) We really enjoy auctions in particular, if you're patient you can get some really great stuff for super cheap. And they are so fun to just find interesting stuff and see what it goes for.

Not only do we have a long list of home improvements to make to our new place, but I've also got a long list of furniture that I want to purchase. One of the pieces that I've been keeping an eye out for is a buffet table to put in our dining room. In the 2.5 years that we've been married, we have never even taken our "good dishes" out of the box! We haven't ever had a place for them/enough cabinet space. Definitely need to change that in the new house.

So, I've been scouring blogs and magazines for ideas. I had decided what size and level of detail I was looking for, and when I spotted this table at Goodwill I knew it would be perfect!

The table definitely has scratches and stains, but I wasn't too worried about those because we're planning on re-finishing it. It's got an older/retro look to it, but I just know that a new finish will make it pretty fabulous. I love the hardware and the shapes in the doors.

Oooh and I haven't told you the best part yet... Want to guess what we bought it for? A whopping 10 bucks! Well, that was until we tried (and failed) to load it into our Civic... During our struggle with the table and our car doors, we were approached by a kind man who offered to drive it to our place in his truck! We paid him $14 for his time & gas, so really the total cost was $24... But still!


  1. That is a great piece of furniture!

  2. Oh just you wait, johnny boy! we started refinishing it last night and it's looking pretty sweet.


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