Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two Beautiful Lines

Do you remember how when we were travelling a bunch last year, this blog was mainly centered around documenting those adventures? And then we bought a house, and all of our posts suddenly were about those projects? Well, now we have a new project :) And since we are officially "out" now, I can share a few posts that were written months ago!

Originally written on 10.11.2011


Ten days ago, we found out I am pregnant.

I've had ten days for this wonderful news to sink in and I'm still somewhat in shock. Or maybe I'm just holding my breath. I'm finding the first trimester to be very terrifying. I should be almost 6 weeks along now, but I'm in that limbo stage where I haven't started feeling pregnant yet. I don't really have many symptoms, definitely no morning sickness at this point. And, I haven't seen our baby yet, since an ultrasound isn't usually don't for a few more weeks. So, the only thing I have to go by is this picture above. I'm putting my faith in this one little plastic pee stick. Ok, more like five plastic pee sticks...

At some point, I'm going to exhale and be overwhelmed with joy. Right now, it all feels too good to be true.


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